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OME80BP51 - Old Man Emu BP51 Suspension Kit 80 Series for Toyota Land Cruiser

Old Man Emu (OME) is pleased to release the latest application of BP-51 High Performance Internal Bypass Shock Absorbers engineered specifically for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series. This package consists of 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks and 2 fit kits and a front caster kit. Two different lift versions will be available with the first version suitable for lifts up to 50mm (2 inch) and the second-long travel version suitable for lifts of 75-100mm (3 to 4 inch).

The shock for the 80 Series has been tuned specifically to the vehicle geometry, weight and OME coil springs. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure the vehicle has a high amount of roll control but still provides the plush ride of the BP-51Shock Absorber. Extensive off-road testing was also conducted to ensure that the vehicle can handle a wide variety of terrain for years to come.

The front shock has been designed with a simple reservoir bracket that mounts to the top of the spring tower of all 80 Series models. The rear shocks have been designed with a simple bracket that mounts to the chassis rail. Recommended compression and rebound settings can be found in the supplied fitting instructions for loading scenarios that utilize the various spring options available. The fitting instructions include detailed information for correct installation of the shock absorber and reservoir placement.

OME80BP51 Lift Kit Includes:

Front Shocks - Choose from Standard or Extended Length:

  • BP5160043-P - OME BP-51 Internal Bypass Front Shocks (Pair) 
    • 24" Extended/14" Collapsed Length
  • BP5160044-P - OME BP-51 Extended Length Internal Bypass Front Shocks (Pair)  - CHOOSE "J" COILS
    • 26" Extended/15" Collapsed Length
  • Front Fit Kit - VM80010025 (Included)

Front Caster Kit - OMECA77B - This will increase caster by 2 degrees. Caster angle will be affected when raising the vehicle.

Front Springs:

  • 851 Light coils (0-110 Lbs) 2" lift
  • 850 Heavy load (110-250 Lbs) 2" lift
  • 850J Heavy 3" coils  (Requires 60070L Shocks)

Rear Shocks - Choose from Standard or Extended Length:

  • BP5160013-P - OME BP-51 Internal Bypass Rear Shocks (Pair)
    • 24" Extended/15" Collapsed Length
  • BP5160015-P - OME BP-51 Extended Length Internal Bypass Front Shocks (Pair) - CHOOSE "J" COILS
    • 26" Extended/16" Collapsed Length
  • Rear Fit Kit: VM80010026 (included)
Rear Springs:
  • 860 - Medium (0-GVW - Stock load) 2" Lift
  • 863 Approximately  - (Constant load - 440 lbs.-GVW) - 2" of lift
  • 864 Extra Heavy (880 lbs - GVW) -  2" lift
  • 863J Extended length coils  - 3" lift **   (Requires 60071L Shocks)
BP-51 Key Features & Benefits
  • Internal bypass, shim controlled, position sensitive damping
  • Provides comfort at ride height
  • Damping increases as you get closer to the end zones
  • Increased control at end zones
  • Kidney bypass ports / 2in bore diameter
  • Maximum bore size and bypass diameter
  • More tuneable, ability to generate force
  • Vehicle specific applications
  • No fitting modifications required
  • Fit kits included
  • External compression and rebound adjustment 
  • On vehicle adjustable
  • Independent adjustment of compression and rebound
  • Ultra wide range to suit varying loads and ride preferences
  • Body/reservoir/components 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Heat dissipation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Type 3 40 Micron hard anodized finish
  • Abrasion resistance to stone damage
  • DASH 6 high temperature Teflon hose with high flow fittings
  • No restriction of oil flow
  • High pressure nitrogen reservoir with aluminum, anodized floating piston • Increased oil volume
  • Maximize travel
  • Adjustable spring preload / ride height
  • Cater for varying loads
  • Impact resistant, replaceable shaft guard
  • Quality oversized rubber bushings
  • Large Teflon lined spherical bearings 
  • 3 year / 37,000 mile warranty

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